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GP Print of Peterborough - Business Cards, Leaflets

Printing with the environment in mind

Sourcing environmentally friendly hardware and stocks is key to our growth as a business. An example of this is our recently acquired Morgana DigiCoater, in which we can offer an alternative to laminating for UV Gloss and Matt Coated products. The Presstek 34 Di Eco Friendly printing press, is waterless, uses vegetable based inks and has a chemical free plate process. It has a twelve to fifteen minute set-up time from file to printed sheet. Performance is 7000 A3 sheets per hour, IR Dryer for fast turnaround, image lasered direct onto plate cylinders and up to 300 dpi print quality.


DI Press - Presstek 34DI® Digital Offset Printing Press
Presstek 34DI is a highly automated four-colour digital offset press ideally suited for fast turnaround, short-run, high-quality colour printing. The unique design of Presstek DI presses offers a significantly smaller footprint than a conventional four-colour press and its required platemaking solution. Presstek DI presses fit easily into any print shop. And best of all, with no film, off-press imaging equipment or intermediate processing steps, you save time with absolutely no compromise in quality. DI also eliminates the inconsistencies and environmental concerns that are normally associated with chemistry-based imaging and alcohol-based dampening systems.

4 & 2 Colour GTO 46 Heidelberg Printing Presses
These litho presses are work horses. With very little effort we can achieve very high quality at affordable rates. Unlike the Di press these presses use film to plate to create your image on press. They also now use vegetable based inks for environmentally friendly printing.

Xerox DC5000 Digital Press
The Xerox 5000 is our most recent digital press which offers high speed turnaround, and a very economical solution to low print runs. The Doc 5000’s output is outstanding in terms of image quality, unrivalled colour uniformity and high production speeds.

Xerox DC242 Digital Press
This machine has now been replaced by the DC5000 (see above). Although still a very adequate digital press this is now mainly used for internal office stationery and basic copying etc...


Guillotines EBA 721 (x2)
A professional power guillotine that has all the productivity features you would expect from EBA. It offers precise cutting and trimming up to 720 mm cutting length. Includes a fully programmable control module for the power back fence, a front and rear air table and an electronic photocell safety guard protecting the front table area.

Collators UC1100
Fast, versatile and easy to use, the UC-1100 represents excellent value for money and is an ideal desktop collator for a wide range of document finishing applications. As the worlds fastest desktop collator, the UC-1100 can process 60 sets a minute, or 3,600 sets an hour for A4 sized paper. The UC-1100 can collate at a fast 40 sets a minute, allowing for variations in paper quality. No other desktop collator can contribute more to work efficiency.

DigiCoater 50

DigiFold Pro
DigiFold has been one of Morgana’s best selling products since it was first introduced in 2001. As its name suggests the new DigiFold Pro incorporates the all new SmartScreen panel making it simpler to use and offering increased functionality for the user. The productivity of the DigiFold Pro has been increased by a very creditable 20% and will now crease and fold at 6000 sheets per hour while retaining the accuracy demanded by users of previous DigiFold models.

Perfect Binding KB 2000S
The perfect system for strong and professional hot-melt-glue-binding of a large variety of substrates including digital printed sheets.


Matrix Laminator
Single sided laminating solution for digital print. The Matrix 530 Single Sided Laminator is a proven machine with a quick set up time and high speed performance. The system offers a built in separator system. Semi-automatic feed with separator - work comes off finished ready for guillotine

Creaser: Autocreaser
The AutoCreaser uses a heavy duty creasing die and matrix to give unmatched quality on a wide variety of material, particularly if the grain is running in the wrong direction or where cracking occurs on the substrate caused by the printing system.

FSN Numbering
The Morgana FRN 5 and FSN rotary numbering machines, offer state-of-the-art design, rugged construction and stand-alone operation - freeing you from time consuming numbering on-press.

Major Folder
The Morgana Major has been designed to offer a wide range of 'big machine' features within a compact and easy to operate design. Changing from one size to another size, or for different folds, can be accomplished in seconds. The Major incorporates counting and batching, with perforating and scoring as standard in the UK and optional elsewhere. A number of unique features have been developed to ensure that the Morgana Major can handle output from digital processes, as well as litho printing.

Heavy Duty Electric Punch Renz DTP 340-M
Punches up to 35 sheets (based on 70gsm paper) at a time. Takes a range of tools for wire, plastic comb, plastic spiral and calendar binding. Punching width up to 340mm. Binding units clip onto front of punch.

Citoborma 111 - Paper Drilling
The Nagel electric punch can be used anywhere where a manual perforator is inadequate. The Nagel electric punch easily and safely punches stacks of paper up to 5 cm thick and will punch any hole pattern. With no effort, efficiently and quickly.


Foldnak 8 - Bookletmaker & Trimmer
Its versatility and short set up times make the Foldnak 8 outstanding in the production of booklets at a profit. The favourable price/benefit ratio enables you to accept even specialist orders and calculate them to your advantage. The Foldnak 8 can also be retrofitted with a collator or Trimmer, enabling up to 2,000 booklets an hour to be collated, stapled, folded, pressed and trimmed on-line. The Foldnak 8 can be connected to all standard bench-top collators.

SRA3 Film Image setter and processor
We supply printers with print ready films from files supplied

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GP Print of Peterborough - Business Cards, Leaflets