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GP Print of Peterborough - Business Cards, Leaflets


We are happy to create your artwork for you, but if you are supplying your own artwork please supplying the following:
PDF - We prefer all files to be supplied in this format (Press or High Quality)
Indesign - Please ensure all fonts are converted to outline or supplied and all linked images are attached. [File] [Package] is the most straight forward way of achieving this.
Illustrator - Please save all Illustrator generated files into EPS, PostScript or PDF files. With fonts converted to outline.
Photoshop - Files should be supplied with all layers flattened and text rasterised.
Microsoft Office Files, Publisher, Word, Excel & Powerpoint -  Please note that fonts that are not on our system will automatically change without knowledge. Therefore we recommend that only standard fonts are used when designing within these file types.
We also require relevant bleed and margins for artwork supplied, please refer to our Help/FAQ page for a more detailed description.
Artwork: Artwork is charged at £15net an hour. Simple design will take just one hour; detailed artwork will typically take two hours but may take longer if considered more complex. An estimated design time will be quoted before any work is carried out. Artwork will only be processed on receipt of written, fax or email confirmation of the full order and receipt of payment. We will ALWAYS send your artwork back to you for approval before progressing to print stage. Once artwork has been approved the printing process will start and any desired changes will be charged accordingly. Any artwork which we change for you will incur a minimum 1 hour design charge (£15net).
Design Fee: The design fee paid is for the designers’ time and not to hand over the original files. If the original files are required this will be an additional fee. This fee is £30net.
Ownership of Artwork: While we will deliver a finished product (such as a brochure or a Web site) to you, whether or not we hand over the original digital files upon completion of the project, it is not common for the company to retain the artwork. If turning over the originals, an additional cost will be charged, to cover storage costs, media costs and the time required to transfer the files to disk. This fee is £30net.
Once you have placed your order, please email all relevant files (below 20mb) through to us at . Although we can accept up to 20mb please be aware that your email account will have a file size limit (check with your email service provider) Please note in the subject space the online order number.
If your files are 20mb or larger, please upload using our upload facility which you will find on our Mail Page. Alternatively, you can use one of the many 'upload' websites available. You can then send us the relevant link to your files. CDs and memory sticks will not be returned unless specifically requested at time of order.
Preferably please supply CMYK files at 300 dpi. A lower dpi means a lower resolution, which will in turn mean blurry images. Files supplied as RGB must be converted to CMYK in order to print them. The process of conversion always changes the colours used - sometimes slightly, sometimes significantly.

Please note.
The image you see on screen does not necessarily represent the final printed result.
We cannot be held responsible for any artwork copyright infringements on artwork supplied by customers. The customer must have permission to use all images, text and logos that are supplied to us. When approving the artwork, prior to printing, the customer acknowledges that copyright responsibility is held with themselves, and not GP Print.
It is your responsibility to ensure artwork is correct, prior to print.
Please check the proof carefully, clearly acknowledging any corrections or amendments. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that the artwork is grammatically, numerically and stylistically correct before passing any copy to the designer. If there are no alterations to be made, please reply with confirmation of the approved artwork. Once approved the printing stages will start, any alterations identified after this time will be subject to additional fees. If you require us to proof check the artwork this will be charged at £30 an hour and will become our responsibility for any in corrections.

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GP Print of Peterborough - Business Cards, Leaflets