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By Pete

Everyone is an artist

Sat 26th March 2022

Art by the mind of a 9 and 11 year old

One of the greatest things about our role in printing people's creations is seeing some of the beautiful art they have made. I truly believe that everyone is an artist. If you feel joy and love in what you have made it is art. Why? Because art is more than just putting something together, it is actual feeling and energy going into the make. Seeing these pieces and knowing how a person has felt while making it is a wonderful experience.

Art made into greetings cards by Tony Nero Art

During lockdown I had the opportunity to watch Grayson's Art Club which I thoroughly enjoyed. Seeing the pieces that had been made exploring so many ways to create and show art was a great escape of the goings on and seeing how happy it made people creating and viewing the artworks.

We have many artists on our books from young and old. We help them transform their art into saleable products from greetings cards to canvas and mugs to keyrings. Sharing their art into the big wide world I can see is so exciting for them and daunting, but we reassure and bolster their excitement to showcase their art for all to see and enjoy.

Art made into a t-shirt by Djibo Art

Our customer base of artists range from the fine art of the well established to the innocence of a 9 year old just enjoying creating something. I strongly believe art is for everyone and everyone is an artist. Have a go today in one of the many ways to create something and enjoy yourself, don't forget to share it with us. We'd love to see your creation's.

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