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By Pete

Meet the machines: BLADE

Fri 18th March 2022

The Blade

Simply put the best machine we have on our listing by far. Many years ago we identified a potential in the market for short turnaround packaging items and invested in the blades' bigger brother initially, who we haven't introduced yet the Konsberg iCut. This machine started us off in the packaging game, producing display boxes, product boxes and stickers. However with the sheets requiring manual replacement between each operation we sought after a better solution as demand increased meaning more manual hours. We spent a lot of time seeking the best option with many automated machines coming onto the market. The Konsberg machine is a great solid machine and has produced brilliant results but they don't offer a smaller foot plan which is what we required.

We eventually settled on the Blade seeing the best potential in the machine and incredible cost effectiveness. What a choice, we have not turned back.

So what is it? Basically the machine takes a printed item and cuts it out with precision into shapes that a traditional guillotine cannot offer. This means we can cut out a wide range of products including door hangers, round cornered business cards, boxes, header cards, stickers and so much more. Due to its automation we can load a job up and test the first sheet off, once approved it can be left to run away till the end. Saving us having to stand over it and replace a sheet each time. With this we can provide a better cost to the customers as well as produce a faster turnaround for those on demand orders.

The machine feeds the sheets onto the conveyor belt, holds the sheet down and reads the registration markings on the sheet to avoid any slight movement that may have occurred in any process. It then cuts, scores, perforates and kiss cuts the sheet as per the cutting form design we have provided to the software. Once complete it offloads the sheet into a tray and starts again.

Check out our videos showing the blade in action, it is almost hypnotising.

Examples of what the Blade can create

Creating packaging stickers

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