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By Pete

Meet the machines: DBM 350

Mon 14th March 2022

The DBM 350

DBM digital booklet system

With this latest addition to our kit list we can complete a wide range of booklet options with ease. Before we bought this machine we ran a booklet maker that required someone to stand over and hand feed the booklets into the machine one at a time. With this machine we can load and press go. Geared up for our digital operation we can print the pages in order and let the machine do the rest.

We can produce booklet sizes of A4, A5, A6, A5 landscape and custom sizes up to 20 sheets creating 80 pages. 

The first station is the feeder which takes a sheet at a time feeding into the machine.

The second station is the stitching unit which is what printers call the process that basically staples the pages together. It uses a wire feed which creates the staples so we don't have to keep loading a fresh batch. 

The third unit folds the booklets in half making the booklets finally take shape. 

The fifth unit taps the folded edge to help keep flat and not spring open this is mostly possible on it's own.

The sixth station trims off the edge to make it nice and square and not feathered as one sheet inside another will sit prouder than the previous.

The last station is called a square back. This part pushes up against the spine and squares the edge. In doing this process it ensures the booklet lays flat and doesn't spring open. Very much like the fifth unit but applies the force on the side rather than the top. Once completed it ejects the booklets one by one ready to be packed and handed over to the happy customer.

Along with the many investments we have made this last year this machine helps us streamline the business to become more efficient and help keep the pricing as competitive as possible for our customers. Not only that we can produce great quality products with ease each an every time.

Wide selection of booklets it can produce

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