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By Pete

Meet the machines: DC-646

Fri 11th March 2022

Duplo DC-646, cutter, slitter, creaser & perforator

This machine has helped us become so streamlined within our business. The ease of cutting jobs down alone on this machine is great. We can change between jobs quickly using barcodes printed on the edge of the sheet and using a registration marking on the corner so we don’t have to worry about fluctuation in its print position.

So what is it? It is an auto cutter (vertical using a blade), slitter (horizontal using cutting discs), creaser and perforator. The machine is equipped to hold 250 programs on the machine and unlimited saved on the PC, allowing for the common cut outs and a plethora of custom jobs which should easily cover the majority of requests. It cuts down to 48x28mm which is commonly not even possible with an electronic guillotine. It perforates the sheet with a stop / start function so we can create tear out vouchers on a letter to offer discounts or incentives to your customers.

The creasing element allows us to produce greetings cards of any size quickly and precisely. These machines are what the likes of MoonPig and Funky Pigeon use to create fast turnaround of their products. Who knows maybe we could become the next greetings card name out there.

As mentioned before we love this machine as it allows us to be faster at turning jobs around and much more efficiently. We believe the purchase of the machine was a great investment and will allow us to keep up with the online presence of large scale printers that have invested in faster machines. This means we can keep the costs down to our customers meaning that they can pay comparative internet prices at a local retail shop.

Samples of what the DC-646 can do

Using the DC-646 to cut out business cards

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