Meet the customers: We Love Peterborough

Thu 13th October 2022

We Love Peterborough

We Love Peterborough

We Love Peterborough – we are a passionate small business aiming to spread positivity about Peterborough. Even though sometimes it’s a hard task, like any city, there are over 21,000 people who follow our social page on Facebook that agree with us.

We are all about sharing the good things, beautiful scenes that our city has of its architecture, the wonderful River Nene and our beautiful swans, people enjoying events, things to do in the city and, of course, the countryside surrounding it. With a weekly newsletter we keep everyone in the know with different events that are coming up in the week ahead so no one misses out on something they probably didn’t even know about.

How did we start? Way back in 2014 moving back to my home town from a long stay in beautiful Italy I ‘needed’ to fall in love with my city again, with a  few pretty pictures, We Love Peterborough was created! So, if you, like me, want to love where you live, then put on those rose-coloured glasses and follow our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram or check out our website.

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Best Wishes,
Peter Martyr
GP Print LTD.