How she felt with GP Print

Sat 29th January 2022

Original Logo

A few years ago now we were tasked with the job of creating a new brand for a local craft maker and artist. The brief was simply put as I would like to change my name and to look more professional.

We began toying around with ideas and puns towards the maker's business to come up with a catchy name that worked well to identify the business in a large market.

The name was decided as "How She Felt" working on the felting process and that the business is run by Sharon and that the products she makes are a representation of her feelings as she puts so much character and love into each make.

Next on the agenda was to come up with the logo and branding. We knew right from the start that it needed to incorporate the feeling aspect and that alot of love was given to each make. We decided that a heart was the ideal icon for this and chose to turn it into needles to link with the process involved. Next was the type which we wanted to again link with the process, be legible and be personal. The "how she" we used a stitch style with the "felt" being more script styling to create the handwritten feel of personal touch.

The colouring needed a lot more attention as needed to be soft and identifiable. For this we decided to ask Sharon for her favourite colour as nothing would identify her better than the colour she feels closer to. She snapped a piece of felt and we selected the pantone best matched and added to her logo with options to invert the colouring for various backgrounds.

The logo was born and created a sense of achievement for Sharon as a leap forward for her business. She now could be identified as a business and not just a crafter. This has developed into bespoke packaging and stationery to really identify her brand and to welcome her makes into their new homes with a wonderful gift sensation to their recipients.

We continue to work with Sharon at "How She Felt" to ensure her business branding is kept up to date and the customer experience is refreshed to ensure a constant feed of orders with anticipation of what they'll be presented with. 

New logo

Best Wishes,
Peter Martyr
GP Print LTD.