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By Pete

Meet the team: Peter

Wed 26th January 2022

Hi, I am a director at GP Print and my role is primarily Sales. I run the front desk at the firm so get to meet and greet the customers helping them decide on their purchases or general enquiries.

Once we have satisfied the customers enquiry I create a quotation using our in-house estimating software which I keep up to date with the latest pricing from suppliers or general costs. Once approved we can immediately turn into a live order. We have the ability to give an estimate straight away so no time is wasted on those urgent enquiries.

It is my role to ensure that the customer is fully aware of what to expect from the order and to let the team know how to proceed with everything. On occasion this can involve some design or artwork creation. This is produced with the assistance of our preferred program InDesign. The artwork is shown to the customer for approval and moved to the next process once confirmed.

Often my involvement can also include printing and finishing of the products as the volume of work increases to support the shop floor to complete orders within the set timescale.

Also manage the websites and social media keeping customers up to date with our current capabilities in products and machines. 

Once the orders are completed I have the satisfaction of handing over the finished products to the customers and seeing their reactions to what we have produced for them. Nothing gives me more joy than watching a customer enjoy what we have produced or to surprise them beyond their expectations.

I would say I have an enjoyable role in the business which gives me a great oversight of the whole operation providing wonderful inventive products to our customers. I have worked in the business since the beginning of it being a major printing business and mostly responsible for bringing up to date to strive to be the option for local and national companies.

I look forward to meeting you in person

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