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By Pete

What is Bleed?

Wed 16th February 2022

Bleed explained

Bleed is a term commonly used in the print world to describe the additional image area that is past the trim area. The reason for this is due to the finished product being planned (repeated on a sheet) up to get the best out of each print. We use a standard sheet size called SRA3 which is slightly bigger than A3. SRA3 measures in at 450mm by 320mm, with this sheet size we can plan up 8 A6 prints which once the job is completed we will need to trim all the A6 images out of the sheets using a guillotine. The bleed area ensures that we get the imagery right to the edge as intended if printed edge to edge. 

The bleed area would typically be an image or colouring that is used on the edge of the print. If it is imagery, it would be part of the image that is not required in the final piece that is left over. If this is not possible then mirroring the image beside it would give the best next option to create bleed. Without bleed even with the most precise trimming there is a chance that a slither of white edge would show so we recommend a 2mm bleed on all sides. This is quite an overkill using the latest technology that we use to print and trim but makes sure that with even the smallest of tolerances on each of the processes we would have plenty of bleed to trim out the product with little risk of showing the unsightly white edging.

If supplying artwork to standard sizes the following examples would the size required to include bleed:-

A2 - 424mm x 598mm including 2mm bleeds (finished size: 420mm x 594mm)

A3 - 301mm x 424mm including 2mm bleeds (finished size: 297mm x 420mm)

A4 - 214mm x 301mm including 2mm bleeds (finished size: 210mm x 297mm)

A5- 152mm x 214mm including 2mm bleeds (finished size: 148mm x 210mm)

A6 - 109mm x 152mm including 2mm bleeds (finished size: 105mm x 148mm)

DL - 103mm x 214mm including 2mm bleeds (finished size: 99mm x 210mm)

BC - 089mm x 059mm including 2mm bleeds (finished size: 85mm x 55mm)

DL stands for dimension lengthwise it is one third of an A4

BC stands for Business Cards there are many sizes but it is commonly the aforesaid size in the UK

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