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By Pete

Why GP Print?

Mon 11th April 2022

Why should you choose GP Print rather than one of the bigger print companies?

Well the main reason is that we give Quality, Care & Attention to your orders. We are not a templated company that gangs up orders and runs with little attention to your order. Each order is run on its own so we can make sure your order is correct and the best quality we can achieve.

We are also based in the UK not abroad so although this means chances are we will be more expensive than overseas businesses our carbon footprint is very little in comparison as your order will have traveled quite a bit. We are also an open shop for you to come in and discuss your order rather than a faceless business online.

With that we can offer a quicker turnaround for those orders that need to be completed the same day. We have created a simple flow system in-house that allows us to receive a file or even create artwork and print the product within hours of receiving the order.

Being a family run business we are interested in the customer, not just the order, especially with the delicate orders such as order of services. We take time to discuss your order to ensure you are getting what you expect. This includes help understanding some of the hard to understand print jargon that can often be quite confusing for people to work out.

Also the amount you order is up to you. Even with bespoke items such as branded packaging we don’t force you to have to purchase 1000s. No fixed quantities at all. You order what you need.

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