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By Pete

Power of Leaflets

Tue 8th February 2022

Power of Leaflets

The power of a leaflet is great. Imagine getting your message into the hands of a potential customer for them to decide if they require your services right now. If they don't, they put away for safe keeping until they do or use it to recommend to a friend who has been looking for someone.

These are things that cannot be completed with current social network providers. If you want to visualise what it is like advertising on a social network, imagine standing in a room full of people all shouting they have something to sell or discuss. You may possibly hear one or two but there will be many you won't be able to.

Like many trends it seems Leaflets have done a full circle and are back on the mat of the homes as the best way to get your business noticed. Gone of the days when you went away on holiday and couldn't even open the door for all the adverts in the way and free newspapers. Now you get home, see something on the floor and are immediately drawn to it as something different. Unlike digital ads it can be put away for safe keeping and found easily without trying to think of who it was and searching online.


What is important is the design of your leaflet. Making sure you are straight to the point. Draw the customer in with an offer or service that cannot be given by anyone else. Don't design it like someone else or you run a risk of diluting your brand. Stand out from the crowd. Imagine being back in that room holding a banner in the air. Why should someone walk over to you? What do you offer? These are the questions you should ask yourself when creating your leaflet.

The last thing is distribution. What is the answer to this? Well the best and most cost effective thing to do is to distribute locally to you if you are a shop. Hand out in front of your store enticing people in or to comeback later. If you are working on a property deliver your leaflet five doors down either side. Neighbours are nosey and will have noticed something going on and are more likely to use your services if they can see for themselves what you are like. Otherwise you can use a distributor for your leaflet drop. Just consider which areas you want to hit and the frequency you want to run. You may want to do every house in your city or town at once, but can you accommodate that volume? Make sure you do at a comfortable rate that suits you. 

What happens if you get no response? Well this could be down to timing. Selling umbrellas in the height of summer doesn't mean you have failed it just means your customers are not ready for your services as yet. To ensure you are always in your customers mind when ready you can produce a follow up run to appear to confirm your services. Worth noting that the rule of three applies to people seeing and recognising your brand so running a leaflet drop to repeat is a great way of ensuring this happens.

Drop us an email, call or message about your next leaflet ideas and we will help you create something that works for you.

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